• Grant Veenstra

    Taking instruction

    To some people a swing instructor will often look to fix something that is not broken, writes GARY LEMKE.
    Phone warfare

    Phone warfare

    The irony is that the sponsors and Tours love social media and they’ve long reached the point of no return.
    Tiger Woods

    Along came a Tiger

    How to grow the game of golf is talked about on fairways, 19th holes and boardrooms the world over.
    Saudi Open

    Cash or conscience?

    To pretend that professional golf isn’t all about the money is to take a stance with one’s head buried in a bunker.
    Ernie Els Presidents Cup

    Man for all seasons

    How good it was to see Ernie Els back in the city where it all started to happen for him.
    Matt Kuchar

    Life in the old dogs

    There is renewed hope for the elder pro (and amateurs) after a late year resurgence on tours around the world.