• grindworks – a new golf brand launches in South Africa


    grindworks, a Japanese golf brand, has launched in South Africa with a direct-to-consumer model.  

    grindworks entered the global golfing market just five years ago, and already former Masters Champion and eight-time PGA Tour winner Patrick Reed uses the irons and wedges. More than that, Patrick advises and collaborates with grindworks on new product development including models made specifically for him. He has a deep understanding of what he wants in a club and how a club should be designed to provide optimal performance. 

    The brand has been brought to South Africa by a group of local golfers who wanted to find a better, more cost-effective way of putting the best clubs in the hands of everyday golfers.  

    grindworks SA founder and managing director Jason Thomson says: “The last 20 months of Covid and lockdowns have shown us that the South African consumer is ready is interact differently – online shopping has become the norm. Testing products in the comfort of your own surroundings is what consumers want. In addition, the SA consumer is discerning, and knows and wants value – our model provides all of this.”

    Thomson adds: “When you buy our clubs and apparel we will ensure several things; the quality of the clubs rival the best brands in the world. Because we sell directly to the public you are guaranteed to receive a 15-30% cost reduction, without losing the opportunity to experience the product.  In fact, we provide you with the product, at no cost, to use at your leisure. 

    “Lastly, but most importantly, you’ll remember how grindworks made you feel. When I first used the irons I couldn’t believe how soft the ball impact was – the feel is amazing.”

    Marketing director Kevin Welman added: “We are launching with a range of four sets of irons – from the MB101 blades for the very low handicapper to two mid-range sets and the PCXs for the ‘weekend warrior’ – a quality set of irons which are a bit more forgiving.

    “There are also two drivers each coupled with fairway woods and hybrids, and our putter. But the highlight of the range is the wedges, which come in four loft variations – you can buy them individually or as a set.”

    Welman added: “Patrick Reed’s short game is renowned, often referred to as the best in the world, and he worked closely with the club designers on the wedges.”

    Visit grindworks.co.za to find out more, or follow us on twitter @grindworksZA or connect with us on Facebook/grindworkssa


    For more information, please contact grindworks SA marketing director Kevin Welman at 082 924 5048 or [email protected]

    Article written by

    Juandre Joubert