• SA youngster joins Princeton Tigers

    Waterhouse is a Hilton alumni
    Waterhouse started playing at 6

    Hilton College 2016 Head of School Guy Waterhouse will embark on a journey to play and study at leading Ivy League college, Princeton University.

    Waterhouse will begin his journey at Princeton in July 2017 as he has been invited to attend the Freshmen Scholars Institute programme that the university offers.

    ‘I am really looking forward to being a part of the history that Princeton University boasts and getting involved in the vast array of opportunities both in the classroom and on the golf course. I’m intent on playing my best golf and getting the best degree I can, and from there see what opportunities present themselves,’ said Waterhouse.

    ‘Guy is a highly talented individual, demonstrating immense character by achieving an “A” academic average, upholding his duties as Head Boy, keeping his golf handicap down to a scratch and achieving the top SAT score of any Aspire Atlantic or USA Scholarships candidate. We are privileged to have assisted him in finding his dream university,’ said Tyler Hollingsworth, co-founder of Aspire Atlantic and USA Scholarships, who assisted Waterhouse.

    Waterhouse has had a passion for golf from the moment his father put a plastic golf club in his hands.

    From here, his competitive golfing career started at the age of 6 through ‘Little Kids Golf’ a golfing tour designed for ages of 6 – 14 years. On this tour, Waterhouse experienced stepping up onto that first tee box with all eyes watching.

    ‘My dad was my caddy and with his guidance, I learned much about life and golf,’ said the 18-year-old.

    Since then Waterhouse has represented Gauteng and KZN Schools at the highest junior level (U18). The Hilton College matriculant’s highlight came in 2015 at the South African u17 championships.

    ‘In the final round, I shot a bogey-free 6 under 66 to finish 3rd. This round has been pivotal to my golfing mind-set as I proved to myself that I can compete with the best. I was awarded the honour of Head of school in my final year and I believe that golf was the one sport that taught me to balance the day to day challenges along with the ‘curved balls’ that are always about.’

    In grade 10, he went on an exchange to Woodberry Forest in Virginia USA and the experience really opened him up to the opportunities that life has to offer.

    ‘During my stay, a golf instructor arrived at the school to teach us. When he learned I was from South Africa he walked up and said: “Howzit boet?” From here he gave me his thoughts about the possibilities golf can provide at receiving a world-class education and having a competitive golfing opportunity.

    ‘Once back home I set about researching universities that I felt could provide me with a great education and a strong golfing programme.

    ‘Then in 2015 my father and I received tickets to go to the Masters from one of the two South African members at Augusta National.

    ‘We decided to go to the States a little early and visit some of these universities. One of these was Princeton. The allure of an Ivy League and the incredible scenery immediately grabbed my ambitious thoughts. We met the golf coach and stayed in contact over the years. I wrote my SATS and did reasonably well.


    What Waterhouse loves most about golf is the test of how well you know yourself. And once you think you know yourself, it all changes. ‘In my opinion, golf is the most mentally challenging physical sport out there and requires extreme mental toughness. I love its ruthlessness and the unrelenting belief that you can always get better.’

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