• Let Bryson do his thing

    Bryson DeChambeau
    Bryson DeChambeau

    If Bryson DeChambeau is about to change the way the game is being played then the golfing world should let him do it, writes ANDRE HUISAMEN.

    He might not be my favourite golfer in the world, but DeChambeau could be set to completely transform golf in a way that we as golf fans have never seen or imagined it before.

    The American stormed to an impressive victory at the US Open at Winged Foot on Sunday and left fellow golfers and fans around the world rather star-struck by his performance.

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    I don’t think many people at first realised just how brilliant DeChambeau’s final round was until they started to see his stats upon the completion of the event.

    Modern-day sport is all about innovation and improvement at every possible opportunity where sport stars constantly strive to be bigger, better and stronger.

    In that sense it is kind of surprising that it took so long for an individual to come forward like DeChambeau did since the PGA Tour restarted back in June.

    Fellow players have praised his recent heroics from the tee but were at a loss for words when he managed to outmuscle such a tough course over the past weekend.

    Like myself, players such as Rory McIlroy and Louis Oosthuizen didn’t quite believe DeChambeau would be able to play his big-hitting game at an event as difficult as the US Open.

    But, what is even more surprising is the fact that he only found four out of his final 21 fairways in New York.

    That ultimately means that his recovery and short game were as impressive, if not way better, as his monster driving.

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    And, for that, I feel he should be credited – particularly after winning the US Open.

    Many wrote DeChambeau off ahead of the Major, believing he won’t be able to master the challenges of such a tough event because all he is concerned about is his tee shots.

    Well, weren’t we all proven wrong by that. This was the second-biggest victory at a US Open event in 20 years and the third-biggest margin in the last 50 years of the competition.

    Given how difficult US Opens have become in the last ten years, let that stat sink in to prove how good DeChambeau actually was.

    Let him drink his million protein shakes a day, let him over-analyse every shot and, more importantly, let him get angry at himself every time he makes a mistake.

    DeChambeau is arguably one of the most committed golfers in the modern game and he is using every single resource to improve his ability on a daily basis.

    His innovation has become revolutionary and he has become obsessed with reaching the optimal performance level.

    That’s a sign of a genuine sportsman to me.

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