• 2019: How was your game?

    Golf at San Lameer
    How did you play this year?

    How was your golf in 2019? Go through our list of 22 achievements to measure your game as the year draws to a close.

    1. Join a golf club

    The biggest step into the golf way of life. Joining a club is a commitment to your game – your scores improve, you get an official handicap and the doors to new friendships open.

    2. Break 100

    For a newbie, this is the first target.

    3. Play a round without losing a ball

    A lot harder than it sounds. It’s a good achievement regardless of your handicap or difficulty of the course played.

    4. Make a birdie

    Another major milestone for new players.

    5. Get that email … your handicap has been cut

    One of the best feelings when you wake up to a mail from the HNA. You’re on the road to lower scores.

    6. Break 90 on a par-72 course

    Now you’re playing some decent golf.

    7. Represent your club

    Whether at a PGA golf day or in a league outing, wearing your club badge is a proud honour.

    8. Participate in club champs

    You don’t need to be a single-figure handicap to compete and have fun in your club’s championships.

    9. Hit a par five in two

    We can’t all bomb it like Brooks or Rory but every now and then, we earn the bragging rights of having an eagle putt.

    10. Win a club competition

    Getting your name on the board is an honour reserved for only a few.

    11. Landing a par four in one

    Harder than No 1 because the target is protected and smaller. Make sure you two-putt at worst!

    12. Keep the doubles at bay

    The easiest way to ruin your score is to draw a circle around your score on a hole. Going 18 holes without a double (or worse) is the best way to reduce your handicap.

    13. 14/14 fairways

    Accuracy is the best way to set up birdie chances but have you hit all fairways in the same round?

    14. Break 80

    The stats show that many golfers will never achieve this goal. Have you?

    15. Play nine in level par

    One for the lower handicaps to chase – it shows you have the ability to put together a really good day.

    16. Get down to single figures

    The current average male index is 14.3 with the female average sitting at 21.6.

    17. Make an eagle

    Chip in from a drivable par four or sink your third on a par five. Remember to take a photo of the moment.

    20. Stay bogey free

    Even the pros enjoy these. A bogey-free round means you’re a talented golfer and one with all facets of the game in check.

    21. 18/18 GIRS

    One of the toughest achievements to unlock in all of golf.

    22. Make an ace

    The perfect fluke is the ultimate golf achievement. They say the odds for an amateur are 12,500-1.

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