• Women’s Golf Day is having a palooza

    Women's Golf Day is having a palooza

    Golf legends Jack Nicklaus and Annika Sorenstam are leading an outstanding line-up of golf stars from all over the world for the Women’s Golf Day scheduled for May 25th.

    This virtual event is organized by the Women’s Golf Day and will be hosted at the World Golf Hall of Fame, located in the World Golf Village in St Augustine, Florida.

    Women’s Golf Day Palooza is a one-of-a-kind digital celebration that will connect all golfers worldwide and those inspired by golf. It will create opportunities for more people to engage in the sport and possibly become fans or a punter through the Betway sports bookie. The virtual event is free to attend and open to everyone without limitation.

    Those interested in the event can register at www.wgdpalooza.com to receive the event’s link and enjoy the experience. This event will run from 10 am to 2 pm Eastern Time (2 pm-6 pm BST). However, the full line-up and activities for the four-hour online event will be revealed in the coming weeks.

    For those who haven’t had the opportunity to set foot in The World Golf Hall of Fame, this will be an exceptional opportunity to experience a guided tour created explicitly for the audience. There will also be a live interactive chat throughout the program and giveaways to be won after each segment. These interactions will go a long way in promoting women’s golfing worldwide and attract more fans who might also enjoy Betway golf betting for more entertainment in that sport. 

    WGD’s sponsors and partners, including Callaway, The R&A, PGA TOUR, Titleist, FootJoy, PGA TOUR Superstore, and ClubCorp, will also share inspiration insight from industry leaders and players.

    The Founder of Women’s Golf Day, Elisa Gaudet, created WGD Palooza to be a digital experience that anyone can attend. The event also unites brands and golfers globally while sharing the World Golf Hall of Fame treasures that many people never get the chance to see. 

    Unlike in other years, the number of participants and people attending the World GOLf Day event will be limited due to social distancing restrictions. Most attendees won’t be able to access other areas besides the golf course. Fortunately, the WGD Palooza is an excellent way for golfers and fans to connect while experiencing the golf world. 

    By offering this digital experience, the organizers hope to inspire existing and new golfers by interacting with players, brands, and industrial leaders. Elisa also revealed she’s energized by the commitment of their partners and sponsors, as they’re pretty passionate about growing the game by introducing new audiences. 

    Speaking in an interview with Golf Central, Elisa explained that she launched Women’s Golf Day to empower girls and women by enjoying themselves. The event brings together women worldwide while finding possible locations to unite them through an official event hosted by any of the participating 900 locations across 68 countries. This year, the Women’s Golf Day event will occur on June 1st, with women from all over the world urged to participate. 

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