• Daly: I was offered a ‘million bucks’ to tank British Open

    Daly: I was offered a 'million bucks' to tank British Open
    John Daly

    John Daly has claimed he was offered $1 million to throw the 1995 Open at St. Andrews before going on to win the event.

    In a 2014 interview with Graham Bensinger that’s recently come to light, Daly explained that he was offered $1 million to throw The Open, more than five times the amount of money ($199,000) he eventually took home.

    In 1995, the now 55-year-old said he was approached at the British Open by a gambler.

    ‘He says, “Look if you tank it, I’ll give you a million bucks”,’ Daly recalled in the interview.

    ‘I said, “Go…f–k yourself. No way”,’ he added.

    Daly ultimately claimed victory after holding off Costantino Rocca in a playoff, securing the second and final major victory of his career.

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    Craig Lewis