• Friends for Life

    The first time I ever met Denis Hutchinson was apparently at the end of 1952, when I was six months old. He visited Zwartkop... Read more

    Halting the march of invaders

    An invasive alien species (IAS) is defined as plants, animals and microbes that are introduced into countries (unwittingly or on purpose), that then out-compete... Read more

    The ultimate fighter

    What do Ben Hogan, Bobby Locke and Heinrich Bruiners all have in common? They’ve all been involved in life-threatening car accidents. All three have... Read more


    The Solheim Cup, during its comparatively short history, has certainly highlighted many of the positive aspects of women’s professional golf. But over the years,... Read more
    Dale Hayes

    Down memory lane

    I spent a couple of years in America in the mid to late ’80s working in a retail and wholesale golf business and I... Read more