• Handicap to change in 2020

    Old friends

    Whenever I haul out my clubs it’s like having a round of drinks with a group of old friends. You may also like
    Andy Capostagno column

    Spoilt for choice

    I often wonder whether South African golfers appreciate how privileged they are. You may also like
    Bryson DeChambeau

    Faldo, Bryson and golf

    I was watching the Northern Trust Open and thinking about nothing in particular (I’m good at that). You may also like

    Rocca the patriarch

    ‘Come on, Frankie!’ I never expected to hear myself roaring that at the TV. You may also like
    Andy Capostagno

    A matter of trust

    Golf is a game that amplifies obsessive behaviour. You may also like
    Andy Capostagno's column

    Greens of envy

    The death of Eric Bristow in April got me thinking about putting. You may also like
    Denis Hutchinson, at the St. Andrews

    A man called Hutch

    Denis Hutchinson’s real contribution to the game has been as a teacher and a broadcaster. You may also like
    Fast food

    No fast food

    I am all for speeding up the pace of play, but don’t touch me on my halfway house. You may also like

    Cape of Some Hope

    It doesn’t benefit anyone to close down golf clubs simply because water has become a scarce commodity. You may also like

    Time for high tech

    The driverless golf club might be just around the corner … You may also like