• What You Missed at the PGA Fashion Show

    PGA Fashion Show
    What You Missed at the PGA Fashion Show

    The PGA Fashion Show took place earlier this month in Las Vegas, and all the leading golf brands gathered to unveil the latest equipment, apparel and tech.

    Naturally, the golf world was buzzing as industry leaders tested out new products from over 200 brands.

    As expected, all the big brands you know and love returned this year to reveal their new golfing line. But the most exciting part of the show was the newcomers to the industry who introduced brand new and innovative ideas to the golfing world, which we welcome wholeheartedly.

    Held at the Venetian Hotel days after Brooks Koepka’s victory at the PGA Championship, the show gave golfers a sneak preview into the latest fashion and equipment set to launch in 2019.

    Here are some of the highlights of the latest pieces displayed at this year’s show:

    ECCO Golf Shoes

    One of the most innovative brands on the market, ECCO continues to lead the way in footwear. Set to be released in 2019, these shoes are made to be worn on and off the course. ECCO’s FLUIDFORM technology fuses the base of the shoe to the textile sliding, creating a flexible and comfortable fit. Combining excellent durability and lightweight support with a sleek and stylish finish, these golf shoes are set to retail at $160.

    JL The Brand Socks

    While they may be a newcomer to the industry, JL The Brand is set to take the world of golfing apparel by storm. Focused on creating a luxurious and snug fit with a playful and vibrant splash of color, these dress socks are expected to retail from $27 to $30. There are 36 needlepoint designs from which to choose and even more custom options for specific golf courses and PGA Tour Championships. It is a brand we hope to see many players sporting on the course in 2019.

    CHASE54 GloFuze Jackets

    These stylish jackets made with glow-in-the-dark fabric will help you stay visible on the course both early in the morning and late at night. Although the GloFuze design was originally made for the brand’s running line, CHASE54 have since utilized the innovative technology in their new line of golf clothing. At face value, it looks like a standard sports jacket with a fascinating design. But when you shine a light on it, the design transforms and becomes reflective, making this piece not only stylish but functional as well. The jacket will be available in a women’s outerwear version as well and is expected to go for $75.

    Electric Eyewear

    Another major trendsetter in golf apparel, Electric is a brand that is consistently pushing the envelope of eyewear technology. Many of the new designs unveiled this year include polarized lenses to combat the sun’s glare while you’re on the course. One of the newest designs includes a Grilamid frame with improved durability and polarized lenses. The retail price of these new glasses is expected to start at $120. Not only do these glasses protect your eyes but they also look great, too. Who said you have to put function before fashion?

    LEUS Towels

    Another company that has made the crossover to the world of golfing apparel, LEUS unveiled their new line of beach holiday-inspired towels this year. Originally a brand that produced surf towels, this towel company made the smart decision of creating a brand-new line of golf towels after seeing the increasing popularity of golf among many professional surfers. These towels made of microfiber material are sturdy enough to clean your muddied-up golf clubs while also, boasting a silky soft texture to make sure all the grass and dirt you’re sure to encounter on the course doesn’t stick. With an incredible range of bright and vibrant patterns available, these towels are sure to liven up your golf bag. The price of these luxurious towels ranges from $16 to $30 and will be available in both small and large sizes.

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