• Puma’s Pwrwarm delivers on its promises

    PWRWARM from Puma
    If it's good enough for Rickie

    The PWRWARM pullover from Puma is a golf product that delivers on its promises helping you elevate your game in all conditions, writes WADE PRETORIUS.

    ‘The PWRWARM Heather 1/4 Zip is engineered to perform.’ That’s the tag line and like many out there, I am skeptical when it comes to what appears to be something gimmicky or over-reliant on buzz words.

    My skepticism was immediately vanquished after wearing the pullover once. There is so much innovation and tech in this jumper that you’d easily be fooled for thinking it was made for something way more serious than golf.

    Thermoregulation allows the body to maintain its core internal temperature which was key to keeping warm on a cold day while the fit of the top was exceptional and didn’t hinder the swing at all which is obviously a very important consideration.

    An added feature is Puma’s warmCELL Technology and UPF 50 which limits the sun’s UV radiation.

    In short, this innovative top from Puma allows golfers to stay warm, swing freely all the while looking every bit the part with four different colour options.


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