• The Match: 6 best moments

    Tom Brady at The Match
    Tom Brady

    The Match entertained from the minute Samuel L Jackson finished his opening-tee intros. Here WADE PRETORIUS wraps up the best moments from The Medalist.

    Brady’s opening tee shots were fun to watch. From a dark humour point of view as he went left and then way right. At one point he was playing the third but parked on the seventh. It was a long way back from there …

    Manning, on the other hand, was pretty solid to begin with and then helped his partner by draining this birdie putt.

    Phil’s short game is as well known as his arrogance. He combined them to superb effect with this little in-play lesson for us all.

    Former NBA star Charles Barkley has one of the worst swings out there. He was enjoying roasting Brady and then heaped pressure on to the NFL star by offering $50,000 of his own money if Brady could hit the first par-three’s green …

    Brady got a measure of redemption with a wonderful hole-out on the seventh. It surprised everyone … EVERYONE.

    And then it was back to reality for Brady who lost a handful of balls, duffed chips, thinned chips and then split his pants. What a time.

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