• Bjorn starts significant charity walk

    Thomas Bjorn
    Thomas Bjorn

    2018 Ryder Cup-winning captain Thomas Bjorn will walk all the way from Wentworth to Celtic Manor in Wales to raise funds for Unicef and the Golf Foundation.

    The charity walk is expected to take the Dane four days, while covering a total distance of 210km as part of the European Tour’s #GolfforGood initiative.

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    Bjørn will arrive at Celtic Manor on the final day of the Celtic Classic, which got under way on Thursday morning.

    ‘We looked at potential routes and Wentworth to Wales made a lot of sense, although I have to admit I didn’t realise it was over 200km,’ said Bjorn prior to his departure.

    ‘It’s going to be very tough to do it in four days, but I suppose the whole point of doing it is that it’s not meant to be easy. If I am going to ask people to donate their hard-earned cash then I need to earn that donation. For me, walking between 10-12 hours a day for four consecutive days will push me to the limit.

    ‘As a Dane who has lived most of my adult life in the UK I wanted to give something back both globally and locally and I feel that Unicef and the Golf Foundation are a perfect fit for that.

    ‘I was reading some information from Unicef recently and they say that coronavirus is the biggest global crisis for children since World War Two and that without urgent action, Covid-19 threatens to reverse 10 years of progress on reducing the number of children dying from preventable causes.

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    ‘And being able to raise some funds to help the game of golf continue to thrive as part of the European Tour’s UK swing is something that means a lot from a personal point of view. Obviously I want to raise as much as possible but no matter how much it is, hopefully it can raise awareness and help kids around the world.’

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