• Why the Sunshine Tour went green and gold

    Sunshine Tour
    Green and Gold

    Out with the blue and in with the green and gold – that’s the message from the Sunshine Tour in case you have missed the new colours on social media.

    ‘Some of you would have noticed the green and gold Sunshine Tour logo on our social media platforms during these past few days. This was not a mistake but an intentional point of difference to subliminally send a message of standing together and South African patriotism to all our fans during this crisis,’ read a statement from the Tour.

    ‘The green and gold colours are synonymous with South African sport, in particular our national sports. But sport in the South African context is part of our DNA, it is a vital part of who we are, and the mood of the country can be influenced by the successes of our sportsmen and sportswomen on the sports field. Nelson Mandela understood that sport had the immense power to unite people and the lingering image of him wearing the number 6 Springbok jersey at the 1995 Rugby World Cup final was an inspiration to us all.

    ‘The green and gold Sunshine Tour logo will be displayed in the coming weeks/months as a symbol of unity, patriotism and hope. We know that there will be many personal interpretations of this colour palette and how it relates to our sport, but this act of solidarity with other South African sports bodies and our

    ‘Government demonstrates our belief that sport really has the power to unite us all.’

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