• State of the South African golf nation

    Westlake GC
    Westlake No 1 again

    Take a look at a breakdown of the recorded stats from 2019 to tell us the state of the game in South Africa as we move further into 2020.

    3% – Last year, a total of 3,910,151 scores were captured on the HNA system, which equates to a 3% increase on the previous year’s number.

    10,700 – The number of rounds per day with 369,808 scores entered coming from a nine-hole round.

    5% – The number of golfers registered on the system through Africa increased by 5%. South African golfers increased by 2.8%.

    14.4 – The average Handicap Index for male golfers is 14.4, whereas for women it is 21.8.

    79 – Number of golfers who submitted 200 or more rounds throughout the year. The average number of scores entered per person stands at 28, which equates to more than two scores per month.

    46.2 – The percentage of registered golfers who entered 20 or more scores last year.

    639,305 – Once again, Central Gauteng proved to be the busiest union. KwaZulu-Natal came in second with 512,527 rounds, closely followed by Western Province on 508,318.

    366,669 – March 2019 was the busiest month for South African golfers, with 366,669 scores submitted. January, December and November followed closely. July was the quietest month for golfers, with only 295,549 scores being entered.

    7 – Number of clubs that recorded more than 40,000 rounds of golf last year. Of those, four were 36-hole facilities and one was a 27-hole club.

    70,022 – Country Club Johannesburg topped the overall list with 70,022 recorded rounds. Second was Randpark, with 58,769, and Mount Edgecombe came in third with 52,543.

    42,580 – Westlake again headed the list of 18-hole facilities, with 42,580 recorded rounds, followed by Stellenbosch on 40,560.
    Note: These figures are only for rounds registered on the HNA system.

    155 – According to the GolfRSA Slope and Course Ratings, The Links at Fancourt (Black Tees) remains the most difficult course in the country for men, with a course rating of 78,9 and a slope rating of 155. For women, Glendower’s Yellow Course is considered the toughest of all, with a course rating of 83,0 and a slope rating of 155.

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