• Scotland: Have clubs, will travel

    Golf in England
    Golf in England

    Scotland’s golf courses remain closed with speculation rife that the nation’s golfers will use England lifting their Covid-19 restrictions to their benefit.

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    England’s courses open today with the confirmation that players from different households can play in the same three-ball with no travel restriction. This has offered the chance for Scottish players to travel to play.

    R&A’s director of governance David Rickman says the game’s governing body is powerless to stop players from Scotland coming across to resume playing activities.

    ‘I think golfers have been very respectful and completely understood the circumstances in which we are currently living,’ said Rickman. ‘Above all, we all need to act reasonably responsibly with a great emphasis on safety, so if one or two people choose to cross the border to play golf, then so be it.’

    Courses in Scotland, South Africa and a select few other countries remain closed.

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