• Covid-19: Tips for those playing

    Diksha Dagar
    Diksha Dagar

    Many of South Africa’s golf courses remain open with a large number modifying their operations. Here we round up the most useful tips.

    1. Walk the course

    It’s good exercise and being out in the sun and fresh air has benefits for one’s physical and mental health. And carrying or pushing your own bag seems far safer. Golf is a great sport because you are mostly two metres away from your group, so maintain good social distancing when on the tee boxes and greens.

    2. If you are riding, ride alone

    There’s no easy way to stay 2m apart when you are splitting a cart. See above for the best way.

    3. Don’t stay longer than you need to

    Some clubs have closed their pubs as a precaution but in these uncertain times, rather arrive ready to play and leave for home after. Get your exercise and time outside done and then head home for a shower.

    4. Avoid, avoid, avoid

    Don’t pull the pin, don’t rake bunkers. Many clubs have made these two rules, but if they haven’t, don’t do it. Another thing to remember is to ditch the high fives or even paying in cash. Some clubs have put their cups up, others have implementing different ideas. Don’t reach into the cups where at all possible.

    5. Sharing is not caring

    Renting clubs is not advised and neither is tossing a playing partner his ball or picking up and returning his tee or ball marker.

    6. Stay safe

    Bring your own disinfectant and use it regularly during the round.

    *This is not intended as medical advice nor should it be used as such. This is a developing situation and one should consult their doctor or follow government protocol if they feel unwell. Continue to take every precaution advised and stay safe.

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