• Colonial chances? Between 65-99%

    Kevin Streelman
    Kevin Streelman

    After two-hour telecon, the Players Advisory Council voted 16-0 in favour of continuing with the PGA TOUR’s revised schedule.

    PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan presented many possibilities and scenarios, according to what council member Kevin Streelman told GOLF.com.

    Players say ‘YES’

    ‘The message from Jay was that we’ve talked to doctors, talked to professionals, talked to politicians — these are the steps we need to take to be safe. Now are you guys comfortable playing competitive golf in this arena? The answer was a resounding yes.’

    One jet for all

    ‘We’re all going to be together during the week so we might as well travel together. We would all be tested before being allowed on the plane.’

    A positive test?

    ‘Now you’re getting into the local authorities and their rules and regulations in that city and that state. “Do you have to stay at your hotel for the next 14 days? Will they even let you back to your hotel or do we need our own place to quarantine?” The Tour is looking into all those situations and hypotheticals. It’s very complicated because every week we play somewhere new.’

    But what about Colonial on 11 June?

    ‘I’ve had some doubts myself but I feel more confident we’re going to play after that phone call than I did before the call. It’s not 99% sure, but it’s not 65% either. Somewhere in between.’

    Good for everyone

    ‘We all have questions and we all have concerns but it’s what we do, it’s what we love. I know the fans are missing it like crazy. If we can do something safe to appease the fans and sponsors and our crazy golf addictions, it’s good for everybody. Right now we’re just making sure we can tick all the boxes. But one thing I took from the call is that despite all the issues, we’re all very anxious and eager to get back out there.’

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