• Norman back home after hospital visit

    Greg Norman
    Greg Norman

    Greg Norman has been released from hospital after spending Christmas Day in an emergency room due to Covid-19.

    Norman stated on his Instagram account on Friday that he had been taken up in a hospital in the United States after suffering from various Covid related symptoms, which saw him test positive for the coronavirus.

    ‘I feel very flu-like, I have a mild fever, I have a cough, I have aches and pains, I have a mild headache,’

    ‘So I am in self-quarantine. Ugly place to be on Christmas Eve but I just do not want to jeopardise affecting any of my family or friends and loved ones around me,’ he explained.

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    But on Saturday the 65-year-old again took to Instagram to provide an update on his situation, saying the symptoms aren’t as bad as the day before that forced him to self-admit to the hospital and that he has returned home to self-isolate.

    The two-time Open Championship winner competed at last week’s PNC Championship with his son Greg Norman Jnr and initially returned a negative result at the start of the week before experiencing severe symptoms.

    ‘Still have most but on a lesser level,’ Norman wrote on Saturday.

    ‘These are what made me admit myself on Christmas Day as I wanted to know my status to Covid for the health and safety for all around me. I had a chest X-Ray and blood test where 2 markers showed up leading the Doc to say, assume you are positive with these symptoms and markers. They released me to continue quarantining at home on medication.

    ‘Again thank you all for your concerns love and support and please be safe stay healthy and be smart. And let’s put this 2020 in our rearview mirrors and look to 2021 and beyond where we can get back to life in whatever the new normal will be. God bless you all.’

    Norman Jnr and his wife also returned positive results on Christmas Day.


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