• Grace’s sporting gesture doesn’t go unnoticed

    Branden Grace put any competitive feeling aside to calm the nerves of Chris Paisley’s wife turned caddie late on on Sunday.

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    Keri Paisley was a late stand-in for her husband after his 11th hour decision to start 2018 at the BMW SA Open at Glendower.

    The Englishman’s regular caddie was on holiday, leaving Keri to carry the bag in hot and humid conditions all week.

    With the championship coming down to the wire, Keri was struggling to keep pace but Grace stepped in to calm the nerves, showing wonderful sportsmanship.

    First, he assured her that there was no need to rush before sharing a joke with her and Paisley easing any tension that might’ve been brewing. The kind gesture was warmly received with the game played in the fine spirt.

    Photo: Warren Little/Getty Images 

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