• GolfRSA ‘seeking clarity’

    GolfRSA CEO Grant Hepburn
    GolfRSA CEO Grant Hepburn

    With no specific confirmation that golf clubs may be allowed to reopen at level 3, GolfRSA has confirmed its stance in trying to facilitate the process.

    GolfRSA’s message: Be patient

    The amateur governing body – together with CMASA and the PGA of SA – has been at the forefront of the bid to allow workers in the industry back to the courses around the world.

    GolfRSA released a short update before the publication of the level 3 regulations:

    ‘Following President Ramaphosa’s speech last night, @GolfRSA – on behalf of the delegation representing the golf industry – is waiting for the Level 3 Lockdown Regs to be gazetted before making any comment. We are urgently seeking clarity on golf’s position from government.’

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