• Marc Player saddened, GPG will counter sue

    Marc Player
    Marc Player

    The Gary Player Group is expected to lodge a counter claim beyond the resolved arbitration that awarded Gary Player a settlement fee of $5 million.

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    The group released a statement responding to the news that travelled the globe in recent weeks and included a note from Player’s son, Marc, who said: ‘I have always tried to help my parents with everything from the business to their personal lives’.

    ‘Marc Player, individually, was never part of the dispute,’ said a representative of the Gary Player Group, said in a statement on Thursday.

    ‘The Gary Player trademark portfolio has been managed, protected, registered, expanded, developed, enforced and commercialised by Mark Player and his teams, including via various entities in the group, for as long as 35 years,’ said Eugene Honey from Adams & Adams, Black Knight International’s South African trademark attorneys.

    ‘Gary Player has thus far refused/declined to fully disclose his earnings in South Africa to enable a financial reconciliation of the respective amounts owed between the parties,’ read the statement.

    Marc Player added: ‘It is with great sadness that both my personal and business relationship with my father has deteriorated to the extent that it has Anyone that really knows me would agree that I have always tried to help my parents with everything from the business to their personal lives.

    ‘This has been a long, tiring, costly, emotional and tedious process pitting father against son. I have genuinely tried to reconcile with them and amicably resolve our dispute and it is a shame that we have not been able to do so due to their new advisor, Dave King and his malicious and continuous tortious interference in what should have been a private family matter.’

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