• Playing Pebble: What’s it really like?

    18th at Pebble Beach
    The closing hole

    Compleat Golfer brings you the view on playing the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links from the mid- to high-handicap perspective. It makes for interesting reading…

    Pebble Beach is open to the public and greenfees are $495 (R7 100). Golfers have been known to book a round only 24 hours in advance. If you’re not staying at one of the golf course resorts, a caddie and a cart are compulsory extras.

    Marshall Williams (14 handicap, shot 88)

    ‘Obviously, it’s an excellent course. If you enjoy golf, you should play here. Having said that, the cost is way beyond what it should be. There are a lot of other excellent courses in the area that aren’t nearly as expensive.
    I first played here in 1970 and it cost $20.’

    Lee McGriff (10, 90)

    ‘I loved it. It’s my favourite course I’ve played. It’s one of the prettiest I’ve seen and one of the hardest. It’s also the most well-kept course I’ve played, including private courses.’

    Jim Brown (12, 90)

    ‘It met all my expectations. If you’ve come this far, the cost is fine. If you live around here, it might be a little steep. I don’t think it’s a difficult course if you put it in the fairway. And if you want to play well, get a caddie. They save you 10 strokes around here.’

    Brian Bullock (16, 97)

    ‘I don’t think it’s a particularly tough course, as long as you keep the ball in the fairway. It’s nice. I don’t think it’s worth the money, it’s just too much. No way would I come back.’

    Harold Melville (22, 110)

    ‘You look forward to it, and you’re very disappointed when you don’t play well. I didn’t play well. The course was wet, and at my age [76] I need all the roll I can get. The fee prices out the guy whose lifelong dream is to play Pebble Beach. There aren’t many who can afford it.’

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