• Inside scoop: Tiger’s putter

    Tiger's putter
    Tiger's putter

    The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS that Tiger has used since early in the 1999 season has been most the most talked-about piece of golf equipment in the last 50 years.

    The tri-sole design and very recognisable red lettering have been with Tiger for 14 of his 15 Major wins and 66 of his 82 PGA TOUR victories. Getting a face-on look at it now, you can not only see the incredible wear mark in the upper middle part of the sweet spot of this particular putter but also the face of actual golf history.


    Loft: 3.75 degrees
    Length: 35.25 (finished with grip)
    Lie: 70 degrees
    Head weight: 327 grams
    Grip: Ping Man (Black Out)

    (Note: with the age of the putter these specs may be +/-)

    Credit: PGA TOUR

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