• Macnab continues to sparkle

    Caitlyn Macnab
    Mistry (left) will be out supporting her teammate

    Caitlyn Macnab will start today’s third round in the 90th Girls British Open Amateur after she claimed two decisive victories at Ardglass Golf Club in Ireland on Thursday.

    The 16-year-old Macnab from Benoni was in magnificent form in the first two rounds of the matchplay stage on another testing day at the County Down links. She swept aside Leah Temple-Lang from Ireland 3 & 1 in round one and sent Celeste Dao of Canada packing 4 & 2 in round two.

    Macnab was 3 up against Temple-Lang after the first three holes, but lost the 4th after her second shot landed in a bush and left her no room for a good chip. She rallied to win the 5th, 7th and 9th and led 5 up through the turn.

    Fellow GolfRSA Elite Squad teammate Kajal Mistry will be supporting after she went down 2 & 1 to Martha Lewis from England in their first-round clash.

    Macnab and Dao began their afternoon match in gusting conditions and dark skies.

    The Serengeti golfer hit an amazing shot up the steep hill on the 1st and then stuck her second shot six foot from the pin. The Canadian landed her tee shot in the ocean and Macnab took the early advantage. They halved the 2nd and the South African won the next three holes to go 4 up.

    ‘From that point, the match went back and forth,’ said Macnab.

    ‘I won the 7th, but lost 8th and 9th. We halved 10th and at the dreaded 11th, my drive looked to be heading straight for the ocean again. Luckily the wind brought it back to the fairway and it landed just in the first cut of the rough. Celeste made a great birdie, so I was 2 up.

    ‘We halved 12th and 13th and I won 14th to go 3 up. We both hit some incredible shots at 15th to halve the hole. I drove it down the middle at 16th, but Celeste’s ball found the rough on the right. She took three shots to get out of the rough, so I could take an extra shot.

    ‘I was worried that my second shot would bounce off that hard green, so I laid up 30 metres short and chipped it five foot. Celeste got on the green, but it was game over. I was disappointed for Kajal. It’s tough to lose when you’re playing well, so I’m extremely thankful that she was out there with Sally to support me. Looking forward to my match today and hopefully I can cross another hurdle.’

    Macnab faces Sophie Johnson from England in the third round.

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