• Wrong golf pro Fleetwood gets paid £120 000

    Tommy Fleetwood
    Fleetwood needs to call his banker

    A clerical error has caused a small commotion in the bank account of a golf professional named Tommy Fleetwood, but not the current world star.

    A post on Twitter went viral after it claimed that the wrong Tommy Fleetwood was paid £120 000, over R2-million, after the The Open Championship.

    The European Tour confirmed to Press Association that indeed a ‘clerical error’ was to blame.

    The deserving Fleetwood, who finished T12 at Carnoustie, was none the wiser and took the error with a pinch of salt.

    ‘I honestly didn’t know anything about it,’ said the four-time European Tour winner.

    ‘I wouldn’t even know if I’d been paid or not because I don’t really look. It looks pretty genuine and they (the European Tour) are looking into it and I’m sure they’ll feel pretty bad about it. It’s a funny story.

    ‘It’s just something I don’t really look at but I’ll get on top of that!’

    Spare a thought for Thomas Fleetwood, a club professional in Florida, who will be £120 000 ‘poorer’ shortly.

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