• Spieth’s haircut mishap

    Jordan Spieth
    Not Jordan's favoured cut

    While waiting for his third-round tee time, Jordan Spieth decided he needed an impromptu haircut, so he wandered into the centre of Carnoustie and found the nearest barber shop.

    Now although there are no language barriers between Scotland and America, it would be fair to say the accents are very different, which is where the problems appear to have begun for the defending champion.

    ‘Yeah I don’t even know where I went and the hairdresser went a little high and tight,’ Spieth said.

    ‘It was intended to be what I normally get, and instead, he went a little shorter and it became a very British haircut. A little shaved on the sides, a little longer on top. It is what it is. It’s summertime now so it works out.’

    So, according to Kevin Kisner, one of Spieth’s roomies for the week, Jordan spent some time searching on Yelp before finding the hairdresser he visited. According to reports, the hairdresser didn’t recognise Spieth, and didn’t seem too fussed by his American visitor.

    After leaving a generous tip and paying £20 for a £9 haircut, Spieth headed off to the course with a much shorter look than he was going for, which resulted in much chat on the range and Jordan keeping his hat on for most of the day.

    Credit: European Tour

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