• Serengeti to launch new Par 3 championship course

    The Serengeti team hard at work

    Serengeti Estates will replace their existing nine-hole offering with a new Par 3 Championship 18-hole golf course to keep pace with current lifestyle trends and increasing value for homeowners.

    Around the world, golf is facing a challenge: although players still love the complexity of the game, not to mention the peace that accompanies a round, fewer people have the time to devote to 18 holes.

    Dino De Abreu, the man responsible for the design of Serengeti’s new course, believes the time demands is one of the reasons behind the rising popularity of pastimes like cycling. Time is also another factor that goes some way into growing interest in the Par 3 18-hole format in countries across the globe.

    Serengeti is no different.

    ‘At present, Serengeti offers a Jack Nicklaus Signature 18-hole course, as well as the Jack Nicklaus-designed nine-hole Whistling Thorn course. However, the reality is that few people are able to invest the time required to complete a round, hence our decision to introduce the new format to encourage more families and children to participate in the game,’ says developer David Nagle, who took the helm at Serengeti last year.

    Nagle observes that, although there are other Par 3 courses in South Africa, this is the first that will be able to host championship tournaments. ‘The beauty of this course is that players will be able to use every club in their bags, yet they will still be finished within three hours,’ adds Nagle.

    It’s not only the time-pressed who will appreciate Serengeti’s new offering.

    De Abreu insists the format is ideal for first-time golfers, who will be encouraged by their ability to start scoring quickly. That’s not to say that skilled golfers will find the course too easy – far from it. The length of the course and strategic design of the greens will ensure that it still poses a challenge to veteran players.

    The conversion of the course to a Par 3 18-hole design will enable Serengeti to keep the existing nine greens while adding another nine with a variety of tees. The course will incorporate natural grasses and vegetation – one of its key assets – adding a new element to an estate that is already known for its beauty. Nagle notes that it will be a valuable addition even for non-golfers, whether they’re enjoying a walk around the course or simply taking in the view.

    As an added extra, the course is set to boost the estate’s environmental credentials. Targeted areas take the place of long fairways, so that less maintenance – and, consequently, less irrigation – is required.

    ‘When we entered the estate last year, we promised Serengeti residents that we would introduce a host of developments that would not only improve their quality of life, (but) we would also work to increase the value of their properties. We have already done much to uphold this promise. The Par 3 18-hole course represents the next stage in Serengeti’s exciting metamorphosis, and is sure to bring much pleasure to residents while adding value to the estate,’ concludes Nagle.

    The new course breaks ground in March 2018, and is expected to be complete within 12 months.

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