• Mashaba takes charge at Steyn City

    Norman Mashaba at Steyn City
    Steyn City's new Golf Director, Norman Mashaba

    Norman Mashaba has been named Steyn City’s new director of golf as he looks to put years of multifaceted experience and understanding of the local and international golfing fraternity to work.

    Mashaba was named as the lifestyle resort’s director of golf this week, where he will be heading up operations and maintenance of the course as well as green-keeping to provide a consummate guest and golfing experience.

    The club will be looking for a significant boost to their membership under Mashaba’s guidance.

    Mashaba’s appointment recognises a lifetime spent in service to golf. Mashaba’s love for the game started when he was just 12 years old; his first taste of the greens came when he started caddying for players at the Kensington Golf Club. This foray ignited his enthusiasm, spurring him to complete his apprenticeship at the South African Professional Golfers Association (PGA). Mashaba turned pro in 1990, going on to represent South Africa four times in the International Team Championships. At 55, he remains active in tournament play, taking part in the SA Senior Tour.

    Mashaba honed his directorship skills as a member of the South African PGA Board of Directors, serving in 2000 and 2004.

    He has moreover been involved in the development side of the game, coaching young black professionals taking part in the Sunshine Tour. His most recent post, prior to joining Steyn City, was as a golf coach at Kimiad Driving Range in Pretoria.

    Mashaba has also lent his voice and insights to SuperSport, commentating on major events like the US Open, The Masters, The PGA Championship, the British Open and the Nedbank Challenge.

    While Mashaba is poised to take Steyn City’s golf offering to new heights, his appointment also marks a turning point for the industry in terms of transformation.

    ‘This appointment is the first of its kind. Steyn City has taken a bold step in transforming professional golf, and golf in South Africa in general,’ said Mashaba, who hopes this appointment will be ‘a launching pad for transformation in the golfing industry’.

    Ivano Ficalbi, chief executive of the Professional Golfers Association of South Africa, commented: ‘The PGA is proud and excited about the appointment of a PGA fellow professional to this position. Norman has been a member of the PGA for almost 30 years, and has contributed to its growth, as well as the growth of its memberships and the game itself, during this period. I was personally fortunate to serve my apprenticeship under Norman when I joined the association, and I look forward to seeing him play a role in the continued success of Steyn City.’

    Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties, views Mashaba’s appointment as a coup for the resort.

    ‘Norman’s experience in all areas of the game sets him apart in the industry, while his enthusiasm is contagious. We are delighted to welcome him to the Steyn City family, and we know that our club members and guests will value his contribution and share his passion.’

    Commenting on the implications of Mashaba’s appointment in terms of transformation, Plumari says: ‘Doing business in a way that benefits others is one of the pillars on which Steyn City has been built, so it’s important that we make a positive impact on any area where we are involved. We believe that, with Norman’s historic appointment, we are marking a sea-change for golf in South Africa.’

    Mashaba agrees that the resort has moved South African golf into new territory. ‘I hope to look at golf one day, and only see green!’ he exclaimed.

    For further information: www.steyncity.co.za

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