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    Cobra F8
    The new F8 and F8+ drivers from Cobra

    After two years of R&D, Cobra have unveiled their new King F8 drivers with a number of new tech changes as they bid to ‘own the future of golf’.

    Golf’s first CNC precision-milled forged titanium driver face with E9 technology is thinner, hotter, and more precise. The traditional hand-polishing process can lead to inconsistencies in face thickness and curvature between each manufactured driver head. CNC precision milling ensures that every driver face is machined to precise specifications to achieve optimal performance.

    Compared to hand-polished drivers, CNC machining yields more precise thicknesses, resulting in a thinner and hotter face that increases ball speed and distance.

    Unlike traditional drivers designed with a constant roll radius, COBRA’s innovative Dual Roll Technology utilises different curvatures on the top and bottom of the face to optimise launch and spin for shots hit above or below face centre.

    Innovative crown and sole aero trips optimise aerodynamic performance for faster club-head speeds and increased distance. Distance is dependent on club speed. The addition of aero trips and a more streamlined shape is important to reduce drag in areas of the swing where speed is lost. The aero trips are strategically positioned relative to the orientation of the airflow, speed, and drag through the swing, to increase clubhead speed for maximum distance.

    Represented in the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models below, the streamlined shape of the KING® F8 driver optimises the flow separation on the crown and sole to significantly reduce drag. Lower drag will give you more clubhead speed and ultimately more distance off the tee.

    The KING F8 and F8+ drivers feature an adjustable CG system, allowing you to tune your trajectory and spin to maximise distance.

    True aftermarket ‘Tour’ shafts feature stiffer profiles with reduced spin for improved performance in distance and dispersion.

    COBRA CONNECT, powered by Arccos, allows golfers to track their driving distance and accuracy using detailed stats and analysis to improve their game. The new Driver Tuning feature on the Arccos Driver app leverages advanced data to recommend optimal loft and weight settings.

    Faster, more forgiving rails. A re-engineered Baffler Rail design gives you more confidence to conquer every lie with effortless speed and stability.

    Rails increase the leading edge bounce, which helps retain speed through impact by keeping the clubhead lower to the ground.

    Rails promote more consistent contact from a variety of lies, especially softer fairways, rough and bunker conditions.
    Taller, tighter-spaced rails are more centred around the club’s CG to reduce twisting on impact for improved stability and consistency.
    Progressively taller rail heights, from low-lofted fairways to higher-lofted hybrids, optimise the club’s bounce angle, depending on the loft and attack angle of the swing.

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