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    Westlake Golf Club recently celebrated their 85th birthday. Compleat Golfer went down to the course to find out what makes it one of the country’s leading clubs.

    Situated at the foot of the Muizenberg Mountains, Westlake is a thriving club that does roughly 57 000 rounds a year, making it one of the most active courses in the country.

    The course has continued to evolve and develop throughout the years. It has proven it’s quality as a host of events such as the  Intervarsity Golf Championships, the SA U23 Interprovincial, the Nomads Nationals, the 1999 SA Amateur Championships, and the 2011 Western Province Amateur Championships and Inter-Provincial Tournament in 2014.

    The course has stood up magnificently to the challenges that the current drought has imposed on the Western Cape, as well as the constant foot traffic that the popular club generates. But it is not only a golf course, with the clubhouse regularly entertaining members and guests alike with quiz evenings, night golf, events linked to the Majors that all add to make make the club a popular place to visit throughout the year and not only for golf.

    Westlake is far more than a club with an extensive membership database, Nicolaas Lochner tells Compleat Golfer.

    ‘Oh no, far from that. We pride ourselves on being a tight-knit group with plenty of “gees”,’ says Lochner.

    ‘Apart from having a fantastic team of people who work here and who are focused on providing a service to anyone who walks through the door, no matter how big or small, they will always go the extra mile for members and visitors who enjoy life to the fullest.

    ‘At Westlake, we enjoy life first and then we play golf!’

    The Cape club has also embraced social media and use it as a way to not only highlight the fun on the course, but also invite members and guests to get involved and partake in the action.

    Lochner is relishing his role at golf director, but doesn’t see his work as being strictly related to golf operations. ‘Of course, that’s very important, but we have to have our finger on the pulse on what happens throughout the club, not only on the course.’

    ‘The most fulfilling part of my job is having my golfers come off the golf course, visitors or members, and tell me that they have had the best experience ever,’ says Lochner.

    Speaking to members during our visit, it’s clear that Lochner’s outlook on the club is being matched by member’s experiences. From knowledgeable caddies to the slick work from the starter’s office, players quickly know they are in for a most enjoyable golf experience.

    ‘We really want anyone arriving at our club to experience the best that Westlake has to offer. From friendly staff members at the check-in desk, getting the right assistance during a round, a fantastic golf course which is in good condition and to end of their experience with a cold pint at the end of the round.’

    The ‘gees’ doesn’t just happen, its a buy-in from members and the staff at the club, says Lochner.

    ‘I work with a great team of people here at Westlake and having a satisfied a guest or member due to the hard work my team puts in gives me a sense of pride.’

    It’s been 85 years of good times at Westlake, and with the club going from strength to strength, it’s not far-fetched that when the club turns 185, the same might be said of the great course with an experience to match off of it.

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