• Exploring 37 years of TaylorMade irons

    A journey 37 years in the making

    Take a look back at some of the major breakthroughs from TaylorMade through years past that have led to the development of the 2017 M irons and P700-Series irons.

    For 37 years, TaylorMade has developed industry-leading irons technologies like the Speed Pocket and Face Slots, while also enhancing the design and performance of forged players irons.


    The level of forgiveness found in the 2017 M irons didn’t happen overnight. Over the years, TaylorMade has pushed the limit of high-MOI irons to new levels. With additional breakthroughs like Inverted Cone, Face Slots, and the optimization of low CG, M irons benefit from decades worth of forgiveness technologies.

    TaylorMade has spent years refining the technologies and design of distance irons. From thin, fast-face construction to progressive length and advanced manufacturing techniques, these irons have paved the way to maximised performance. More recently, Speed Pocket technology and max-COR design have led to the increased distance and forgiveness, as seen in the 2017 M irons.

    Tracing back to the Ti-Bubble irons, improving the placement of the CG (center of gravity) has become the centrefold of creating distance irons. Low CG helps produce higher launch and more distance, helping golfers achieve their desired shot more often. Several additional low CG irons have steadily evolved into what has become the 2017 M irons.


    Building upon decades of relentless irons innovation, the 2017 M irons family takes maximised distance and forgiveness and adds in Face Slots to deliver even more consistency across the entire face. Whether you choose M2 for ultimate forgiveness or M1 for added control, you’ll have all the performance technologies to help you hit it far, keep it straight, and land it soft.


    FEEDBACK – SINCE 1980 
    Detailed player feedback has always been vitally important in creating the game’s most advanced players irons. For the past 37 years, TaylorMade has gathered feedback from Tour athletes to create irons that meet the demand of the world’s best ball strikers.

    DESIGN – SINCE 1985 
    Clean, simple, and elegant design plays an important role when it comes to forged iron performance. Whether it’s the top line, offset, or shaping, every nuance matters. Paying meticulous attention to every detail, TaylorMade artfully crafts clubs that appeal to the eye of the discerning golfer.

    Over the years, TaylorMade has developed advanced forging processes and multi-material construction to create players irons unlike anything else in the industry. Starting with premium materials, each player’s iron has gone through innovative construction methods to achieve exceptional feel and performance.


    Taking the best from years past, P700-Series irons utilise an advanced forging process to create a pure and simple head shape that appeals to the better player’s eye. Combined with precision-milled faces and grooves, P700-Series irons provide golfers with soft, solid feel and unmatched performance.

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